Mrs. President (2001)
Victoria Woodhull, 1872
Victoria Woodhull, 1872

Publisher: Theodore Presser
Music: Victoria Bond
Libretto: Hilary Bell

Confirming her conviction that a woman will someday be President, Victoria Woodhull (soprano) and an SATB chorus sing an uplifting anthem relevant today more than ever.

Scene 4: A jail cell. Victoria reads a letter from Isabella who confesses that she has abandoned her friend because of pressure from Henry. Victoria casts the letter aside, crushed by this rejection. She regains her courage and convictions and from the darkness emerge ghostly Victorias, one after the other, until there are dozens of them, dressed in successively contemporary costumes going to the present day. They sing softly, building in volume: “From my ashes a thousand more will rise. They will seize what I’ve begun, hold it high, and carry it on. Arise!”

Click here for a view of Full Score Act I Page 1

Full Score Act II Finale Page 265 (Soprano, SATB Chorus and Orchestra)

Posted: Sep-1-2018
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