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April 27, 2015
Edge Concerts New Music Festival, Symphony Space
Clara workshop performance

Vote for Mrs. President, the Opera
Mrs. President

"Victoria Bond has struck gold in the story of Victoria Woodhull, the first woman to run for the American presidency"

— New York Times

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Featured Composition
Based on three Tarot cards: the Magician, representing ambiguity, with music shifting suddenly from the mysterious and solemn to the cunning and dexterous; the High Priestess, possessing wisdom, passion and secrets of the law, her music is calm but slowly ignites into throbbing desire; the Fool, considered both the holy mystic and the intoxicated...Read More...
Featured Video
Instruments of Revelation by Victoria Bond was commissioned by the Orion Ensemble and Ballet Chicago who perform in this video. The piece is inspired by three cards from the Tarot deck: The Magician, The High Priestess and The Fool.
New York Philharmonic

New York Philharmonic

Victoria Bond gives pre-concert lectures at Avery Fisher Hall, NYC Sept 26 - Oct 1; Jan 9 - 14; Mar 27 - 29; May 8, 9; Jun 18 - 21.

The Metropolitan Opera

Victoria Bond gives pre-opera lectures at Guild Hall, East Hampton, NY.

Cutting Edge Concerts

Cutting Edge Concerts New Music Festival 2014

Victoria Bond, founder and artistic director. April 2014 at Symphony Space in NYC. Festival dates and details.