Review trom David Olds, writing for the Whole Note

United Nations International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The premiere of "Sorrows Springs are the Same" by Victoria Bond will take place on January 27th at the United Nations in the General Assembly Room.  Violinist Renee Jolles will perform.  The work is based on a poem by Gerard Manley Hopkins.


Victoria Bond's composition "Sorrow's Springs are the Same" premieres January 27, 2023 at the United Nations with violinist Renee Jolles performing. The event is calld "Music and the Holocaust."


The Miracle of Light - a Hanukkah Opera


Pianist Paul Barnes performs "Illuminations on Byzantine Chant" on 11/4/22 iin Kennesaw, Georgia and on  11/5/22 in Gainsville, GA


I invite you to watch my new Metropolitan Opera Guild course “Verdi the Innovator”. This also gives you the option of watching the course I gave on Wagner’s “Der Ring des Nibelungen.” The videos are entertaining as well as informative and they are illustrated with videos of Metropolitan Opera performances.

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