May 15, 2020
Are there Peculiar Plants in your garden this spring?
Strangler Fig
Strangler Fig

Plants have always fascinated me. Because I grew up in the urban landscapes of New York and Los Angeles, the plant world became an important refuge from the concrete and steel in which I lived. Beginning with houseplants and graduating to passionate gardener after my husband and I bought a house in the country, the plant world has always spoken to me of renewal and growth. I try to fashion my music so that it grows with the calm inevitability of a plant.

Peculiar Plants is a suite of character studies in the Baroque spirit. Written for the brilliant and inventive harpsichordist Kenneth Cooper, it is a partnership of ideas, fostered through lively rehearsals, numerous e-mails and a meeting of the minds. The Strangler Fig was the instigator of the suite, being a plant I found particularly peculiar and fascinating. After showing Ken the initial draft, he made suggestions which prompted more ideas which then led to still other ideas and more music, and the garden was seeded. Since that initial impetus, not only music, but poetry sprouted, revealing aspects of each plant both humorous and instructive.

The garden is now in full bloom, peopled with plants of striking individuality. I am indebted to Ken for his contributions, both musical and poetic, and for his definitive performance of this work.

Victoria Bond
Jan 7, 2009

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