Dreams of Flying


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Subito Music Corp   
Two versions:
string quartet; string orchestra
Comm. & prem by the Audubon Quartet 7/24/94
Maverick Concerts, Woodstock, NY

Inspired by John James Audubon Birds of America, the piece is an exploration of the sensation of flying, and is divided into four movements: I.Resisting Gravity; II.Floating;
III. The Caged Bird Dreams of the Jungle; IV.Flight.

The piece has an unrestrained, gradual build-up that makes a progression with each movement. The third movement contrasts a pensive, withdrawn state with one of exuberant jungle-like vitality. - The Chautauqua Daily

This lively music exploits Brazilian dance rhythms and bird calls in a way that liberates the soul while reminding us of our limitations. - The Music Conoisseur

Posted: Oct-15-2019
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