Trio: Other Selves


Theodore Presser
violin; cello; piano
Comm. and prem: 8/21/79; Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, Lennox, MA; Lynne Taylor-Corbett choreographer
Recording: GEGA

Based on sculptures by Marjorie Michael entitled, A Woman's Journey, portraying vignettes of ordinary scenes from a woman’s life. The musical structure is a theme and variations. Each variation, which is a separate movement, becomes a new theme to be varied with its own set of internal variations, creating a macrocosm/microcosm unified by the single musical cell of the theme.

I. Introduction/ Praeludium II. Country Fiddle III. Passacaglia IV. Mechanical Dolls V. Ray VI. Monologue VII. Finale

A bravura piece, romantic in impulse but contemporary in its tonal language. With challenging unaccompanied solos for each instrument. -The Atlanta Journal


Posted: Jun-20-2017
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