Dreams of Flying

(1994) 15'
Subito Music Corp  

Inspired by John James Audubon Birds of America, the piece is an exploration of the sensation of flying, and is divided into four movements: I.Resisting Gravity; II.Floating;
III. The Caged Bird Dreams of the Jungle; IV.Flight.

Two versions: string quartet; string orchestra

Commissioned by the Audubon Quartet
Premiered in Woodstock, NY at Maverick Concerts on July 24, 1994

"The piece has an unrestrained, gradual build-up that makes a progression with each movement. The third movement contrasts a pensive, withdrawn state with one of exuberant jungle-like vitality." - The Chautauqua Daily

"This lively music exploits Brazilian dance rhythms and bird calls in a way that liberates the soul while reminding us of our limitations." - The Music Conoisseur

Posted: Nov-1-2022
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