Frescoes and Ash


Protone Music
Two versions:
clarinet; piano; perc; 2 violins; viola; cello; contrabass
string orchestra

Comm. & prem 5/11/09 Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Seven movements: I. Street Musicians; II. Marine Mosaic; III. Scene from a Comedy; IV The Sybil’s Speaks; V. Chiron Teaches Achilles to Play the Lyre; VI. Alexander Mosaic; VII. Ash: Awareness of Mortality
Power point all images available.

Based on frescoes and mosaics in Pompeii, the seven movements begin with Street Musicians, a raucous band dancing and playing the tarantella on tambourine, finger cymbals and flute. Marine Mosaic depicts fish and other sea creatures gracefully swimming. Scene from a Comedy portrays three actors wearing masks. The Sybil Speaks shows three masked women, one of whom chants mysteriously. Chiron Teaches Achilles to Play the Lyre shows the old centaur Chiron demonstrating how to play the instrument to the young Achilles, who gratefully receives his instructions. Alexander Mosaic is a battle scene, with men and horses clashing violently. Ash: Awareness of Mortality, inspired by Pompeii’s tragic doom, expresses the Romans philosophical acceptance of death.

Posted: Aug-14-2017
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